Volume Home Sales

Len’s Home Center provides exclusive volume pricing for community owners and developers who purchase wholesale manufactured homes. Whether you’re creating a beautiful new community or expanding your existing one, we have a model for you. With Len’s Home Center, you can build high-quality, fully customized manufactured homes while enjoying wholesale prices.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale from Len’s Home Center 

There are many benefits to working with Len’s Home Center when purchasing wholesale manufactured homes.  

Volume discounts 

Of course, the most obvious advantage to buying in bulk from Len’s Home Center is the discount. When you buy wholesale, we work directly on your behalf to get the best possible pricing from our vendors. And because manufactured homes are already so cost-effective thanks to their factory-built design, we can pass all those savings on to you for an incredibly low rate. 

One point-of-contact 

Forget trying to get ahold of a sales representative from one vendor, the billing department of another, and an account manager at yet another vendor. With Len’s Home Center, you have one point-of-contact managing your one wholesale purchase.  

Pro tip: Speak to us about our general contractor services! We can take care of everything from site preparation like plotting and permitting, to finish work like utilities setup and skirting. 

Consistent quality 

We only work with the best in the industry, Fleetwood Homes and Skyline by Champion Homes. When you buy manufactured homes in bulk from one vendor, those homes will have the same construction quality you and your tenants can depend on.  

Uniform look and amenities 

Create community appeal with homes that look and feel similar without being “cookie-cutter”. Our models are fully customizable so you can get 5-10 distinct models while keeping characteristics like skirting, roofing, cabinets and countertops consistent from home to home.  

Pro tip: Many of our home models can be customized with luxury primary baths, gourmet kitchens and in-home offices. 

Start Your Wholesale Manufactured Homes Purchase Today

Len’s Home Center understands the importance of forging lasting partnerships with dealers you trust. We value our relationships with community owners and developers. As a result, we provide strong communication and transparent pricing to all our clients. But most importantly, we will be there with you every step of the way to make your wholesale manufactured homes purchase as effortless as possible.

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