Manufactured Home FAQs

We answer your manufactured home FAQs including the difference between traditional site-built homes and manufactured homes, the delivery and installation process, and available customization options.

What is the difference between manufactured homes and site-built? 

The biggest difference between traditional site-built or “stick built” homes and manufactured homes is cost and timetables. Because manufactured homes are mass-produced in a factory setting, manufacturers save on material and labor costs which are directly passed onto you, the consumer. Furthermore, because manufactured homes are prefabricated, they are delivered to the site nearly ready for move-in. You don’t have to wait for the home to be built; it already is. 

Are site-built homes better than manufactured homes? 

Absolutely not. We use the exact same materials that traditional stick-built home builders use, but at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, because manufactured homes are prebuilt in a factory, our homes are held to strict federal regulations unlike traditional construction companies. That means, your manufactured home has quality assurance. The same cannot be said of traditional site-built homes. 

Can I place a manufactured home anywhere? 

Unfortunately, no. You must comply with federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding single-family dwellings. For simplicity’s sake, a manufactured home can be placed in two places: first, vacant land that you own or intend to purchase that has been zoned for a single-family dwelling; and second, a manufactured home park. 

Rest assured, if you have questions regarding your manufactured home placement, Len’s Home Center has the answers. 

How long does the manufactured home buying process take? 

There isn’t any one standard timeframe for buying a manufactured home. The floor plan chosen, design and customization, financing, site preparation and permit submission can all extend the buying process. Regardless of how long or short the process takes Len’s Home Center will be transparent with you throughout the whole process. 

And what about delivery and installation? 

The same factors that affect building a traditional stick-built house such as permitting, contractor availability, weather, etc. also affect manufactured home installations. However, what you won’t have to worry about is construction of your physical home; no contractors to keep on top of; no material shortages. There may be a factory backlog, but that depends on the floor plan chosen. And with Len’s Home Center, we will work on your behalf to meet and maintain reasonable timeframes and keep you informed during the entire process. That way, you get to enjoy your home when you want to, not when your construction team says so. 

Can we customize manufactured homes? 

Absolutely! After you decide on the perfect floorplan, you then get to choose the exterior and interior décor, flooring, tiling, countertops and cabinets. Plus, many of our floor plans have upgrade options for deluxe master baths, gourmet kitchens, in-home offices, additional bedrooms and more. 

What is a park model? 

A park model is a factory-built home that is under 400 sq. ft. Park models can have 50 – 100 A electric service. You can choose to have an all-electric home or include propane or natural gas. Park models are great options for accessory dwelling units (ADUs) to pair with your existing home. 

What separates Len’s Home Center from other dealers? 

At Len’s Home Center, the relationship with our clients doesn’t end when you buy your manufactured home. We also help walk you through the whole purchasing and development process that follows. Not to mention, we are also licensed general contractors. That means we can take care of permit approval, site-work, and subcontractor management. Check out our complete list of manufactured home services.

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